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Our Children's Quest For Happiness..

Everytime its raining, we want the sun and when the sun stays on for long, we want the leaves of fall. Don’t we always want to eat what our spouse ordered from the restaurant than what we chose for ourselves from the menu? Don’t we always wonder if we could have “that” gift instead of “this”? Don’t we always want a bigger house, a thinner waist, a different cut of diamond or a better parking spot?

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Healthy Snack Options for Kids!


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When your likings do not match with your better half:

 When we first get into a relationship everything seems to be rosy. We don’t care even if  our better half is taking decisions for us. For instance you go shopping with your partner, and  you don’t mind if he picks up a particular type of a shirt or a pair of shoes and you think that "oh well I don’t really like the color but awww he picked it up for me...I don’t want to hurt his feelings." In the beginning what feels like "oh my partner is very concerned" slowly turns out to be “It’s always what he wants...for God's sake I have my own likings"!!

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Is it time for Time Out

My two and a half year old boy loves to watch almost every children’s  series that comes on TV. There was a time, his favorite show was Blue’s Clues. He would be glued to the small screen, responding to Steve’s talking, jiving to the music, and cheering when Blue made his appearance. He was especially delighted when Steve introduced the “Thinking Chair”. This desirable piece of object is a red oversized chair which his grandparents will surely be thankful for. My boy always wanted a similar thinking chair.

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